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Meet Your Artistic and Athletic Mind


The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior
Length: 324 Pages

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Human love of the arts goes 82,000 years back; and Aristotle wrote the first book on arts. Since then it has been debated what art is, but still we lack a definition for it that would be acceptable to all. This shows that we do not understand it well enough to properly define it. This confusion stems from an inadequate philosophical perception of it and, therefore, we have been relishing that which we do not comprehend. Thus, we try to understand arts by studying art objects, however, we need to identify what in the mind longs for arts in its metaphysical realm to understand it. This is why we have been mixing novel, painting, music, acting, architecture, Persian rugs and poetry, as each category consists of endless number of art objects. Although they all are arts, they have nothing in common, but we insist on defining all by a single definition, to no avail.

Based on what mental force longs for which group of arts coupled with the structure of the art forms, they divide into three logical categories. Then, through this thought system we also get to realize that there exists an inequity in the sensitivity of the corresponding mental faculties and we experience different intensities of pleasure from the different art forms. Some arts, like live music by even average artists will invoke emotions in many who may scream, cry and faint at concerts. While other experiences of arts, such as observing the works of Michelangelo, Picasso or other great artists, never cause such responses.
This view carries us deep into arts as a phenomenon and helps artists to further refine their arts and the audiences to appreciate it even more. All of the above observations also hold true for sports.


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