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Happiness in Wisdom

Your blinding instincts severely impair your intellect. Learn how to defuse it, BOOST YOUR INTELLIGENCE achieve more success and reach

Happiness in Wisdom

Your blinding instincts severely impair your intellect. Learn how to defuse it, BOOST YOUR INTELLIGENCE achieve more success and reach


Your blinding instincts severely impair your intellect. Learn how to defuse it, BOOST YOUR INTELLIGENCE achieve more success and reach


Your blinding instincts severely impair your intellect. Learn how to defuse it, BOOST YOUR INTELLIGENCE achieve more success and reach


Three factors determine your state of health, your diet, exercise, and a tranquil mind. As they say, “Your food is your medicine, and your medicine is your food.” Hence, what we consume determines our health. The level of your physical activities determines another portion of our health. Ample helpful programs in both categories readily exist. And now you can learn how to effortlessly sustain mental peace and tranquillity to avoid all the sicknesses that otherwise our tortured mine brings to us. For this, please read the text on stress to grasp the value of personality and behavior assessment test.


Some degree of stress is natural, but many people suffer needless stress that stems from inner conflicts at the subconscious level. The same 20 conflicting mental forces govern all humans that often leave us conflicted; confused that often leads all of us to poor decisions and grave mistakes. Unaware of these mental forces and how they work constitutes our subconscious. This study has solved it by showing what forms our thoughts, and deeds. Thus, we learn what makes our intellect to relent its function when we make such mistakes, and we learn how to stop this mental trend to avoid such errors that intensify our stress, and our health deteriorates. We help you master your mind, elevate your subconscious to a conscious level to control it. Hence, you achieve more successes; and live a prosperous, happy, stress-free and healthy life. Our test alone provides this.


If the world population were about 16,000,000 times as many as it is now, each person would still get a unique personality that would drive their unique behavior. Peoples’ personalities and fingerprints are equally as unique that makes assessing anyone’s personality accurately without using viable modern technology impossible. And it is a fallacy to claim that the personality of the entire humanity and over 100 billion who have lived before us has been one of four, five, or sixteen different types, as some personality assessment companies advocate. Meet Your Mind personality, and behavior assessment tests produce a unique report for each person that is one of this vast number, and each is one of a kind, as each person is unique. Our elaborate reports cover many diverse aspects of peoples’ personalities that others do not. Hence, our reports help you decipher who or what you have hired, or considering hiring. For a comprehensive understanding of this, please read our blog, “Scientific Principles.” As you will see, others report on human personalities in short writings that one cannot objectively describe even a butterfly.

To find out more about yourself:


To know what it is to be human, we must find our place in the mix of other beings. In this scheme of things, instinct alone governs all animal that makes their mind single polar, but the human mind consist of instinct and intellect and that renders the human mind alone bipolar. These mental forces coexist, function jointly, and together they shape every aspect of everyone’s lives. Our mind comprises 20 different mental forces. The strength of each of them varies from person to person; and the strongest few among them define each person. Measuring the strength of these mental forces against each other depicts a clear picture of who you are. Often some of these mental forces pursue opposing goals and they fall into conflict at subconscious levels. Such inner conflicts results in all human dualities that leave people conflicted and confused. These subconscious trends elude people despite the fact that they form people’s feelings, thoughts, and decisions from the most mundane to the most significant, and people passively act accordingly.

Quotes by Mark Abraham

“In silence, you hide all your vices and virtue, thus think before you talk.”

“Because human intellect avails itself to achieve both good and evil goals
indiscriminately, it lacks personality and character.”

“The Wright Brothers used their intellect to invent the airplane to serve humanity;
others used theirs’ to savage many in the 9/11 incident. Intellect served both
unconditionally because it lacks character.”

“If humans are intelligent, why only 41 days of peace in the world in the past 5000 years; if not, then,

how did man land on the moon?”

“To be friends, you need no reason, but to be enemies, you must have a good

“If humans are innately monogamous, why is there so many infidelity in marriages, and if
polygamous, why are there so many rules against it worldwide?”

“Every battlefield fuses man’s best with his worst, his ingenuity in magical weaponry, and
savagery in killing fellow humans.”

“Which is more valuable, wisdom, or knowledge?”

“What is the minimal sign of intelligence? The ability to recognize intelligence in others.
And what is the maximum sign of being a dunce? The inability to recognize one’s own limitations.”

“The human mind consists of instincts and intellect, but instinct alone governs all animals that make our mind bipolar, and the mind of animals single polar, and that most distinctly separates man from beast.”



If you want to know yourself objectively or are about to tie the nut with your other half, this test is for you and your partner. Also, the Human Resource departments of organizations that strive to assess the personality of the people they hire would greatly benefit from reading our Scientific Principles.  There we prove that the three of the most popular systems combined cover only 33% of humans’ states of the mind that our system covers. Thus, many important aspects of human behavior are totally ignored by all of them that we cover extensively. This is because being oblivious to this new exclusive study, they have failed to integrate all of the humans’ mental elements into their studies that we alone cover that the Scientific Principles will reveal.  


Have you ever thought about why our intelligence relents its function and allows us to make unjustifiable mistakes? People worldwide believe that everyone uses only a fraction of their intelligence. Yet this new study, The Interactions Between Instincts and Intellect and Their Impact on Human Behaviour, by Mark Abraham, proves that the human mind consists of advancing intellect and 17 primitive instincts. The same forces govern all humans with different intensities. The strongest of these instincts engender the deepest pleasures for each person. And the temptations they create blind peoples’ reasoning faculty and lead even the brightest of humans to their gravest mistakes. These trends occur at a subconscious level. Our test reveals the strength of these mental forces and elevates your subconscious to a conscious level and enables you to manage your mind instead of being managed by it to transform your life.  



Mark Abraham

Dr. Nehzat Farnoody Ph.D.







"This prism on human mind starts a new chapter in the fields of sociology, psychology, theology, fine arts, sports, human sexuality."

Dr Nasab, MD

"Philosophy gives a new music to listen to and a new terrain to travers, so to speak, to believers & non-believers alike."

Dr. Zanjanian, MD Account menager

"The implications of 'The Growing Imbalances in the Human Mind' sobering, indeed."

Dr. R. Kamarei, PhD.