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We have the ‘Meet Your Mind’ book series, consisting of six different books, also available in ebooks, for purchase or download which we invite you to preview and purchase. This ground-breaking study on The Interactions between Instincts and Intellect and their Impact on Human Behavior, reveals that the contrasting natures of progressing human intellect and the 17 stagnant human instincts results in a growing imbalance in the human mind…

More of MARK ABRAHAM’s quotes

“The contrasting natures of progressing intellect and stagnant instincts have resulted in a growing imbalance in the human mind that has evolved into a dangerous threshold, and demands earnest attention.”

Instincts and intellect are permanent human fixtures, politicking that results from their joint-function also becomes a permanent human condition and renders man incurably a political animal.

Morality creates religions, and then religions destroy morality.

If Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad were never born, would their 3 billion followers go without faith forever, or would they too, invent other religions as did the people in India, Chinese, and elsewhere?

If religions are archaic and useless for our time and we must dismantle them, why do we not demand the same for the state, which is just as old?

If faith is unscientific and useless, why do we love art that is also unscientific?

We immensely enjoy arts and sports, but do we know what in them we so enjoy?

Can we describe which part of lifting one foot to set it down to lift the other in the name of dancing renders magical joy to people?

Can we describe why making strange noises in the name of singing so intoxicates us?

All sports require the same three skills; aiming, speed, power, and endurance, and the act of hunting requires the same skills