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Mark Abraham


Mark Abraham

Mark Abraham came to America as a foreign student in 1973. Determined to identify the hidden causes of perpetual human conflicts, he acquired two degrees in international politics by 1982. Not finding his answers there, he devoted his post-graduate studies to studying philosophy and psychology, hoping that he might find some hints in these fields. He did not find anything of substance there either. Mark was intrigued by the fact that in the course of the past 2,400 years none of so many profound thinkers had left behind any formula or thought system that could help us understand our species and ourselves more clearly to identify what renders man so combative and how to fix it.

Hence, after painstakingly long studies, he realized that all the thinkers of the past, being so fascinated by human intellect and reasoning, had studied humans almost exclusively from the standpoint of intellect alone. Yet it is human instincts that drive every aspect of human conduct more forcefully than intellect. This largely ignored mental element, in studying humans, has created a missing link that is responsible for all persisting human enigmas. The very few who have paid any attention to instincts at all, have been shallow in depth, exceedingly narrow in scope and utterly misunderstood and misapplied.

Three instincts, aggression, sexuality and the maternal instinct, are universally known and accepted. Mark devoted his studies to understanding what instincts are, how many there are, how they co-function with human intellect, and how they jointly command all our deeds individually and collectively. He has identified 14 more instincts each of which drives its own brand of behavior. His findings lent themselves perfectly well to not only identify what causes so much human conflict but also identify a great deal more than he expected.

Mark prides himself in his pioneering findings, some of which are sampled bellow: He has learned that instincts by nature are unchanging, unchangeable, stagnant, one-dimensional and primitive. This is the opposite of intellect that is multi-dimensional, dynamic and grows exponentially in time. The contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts have resulted in a growing imbalance in the mind. Because of the subtle nature of this phenomenon, however, it escapes attention, despite its profound implications in our lives and in the future of human civilization. From this perspective, all human affairs can be divided into two distinct categories, behavior and achievement. Our behavior is driven mostly by our instinct, while our achievements are accomplished through our intellect.

This mental imparity finds reflection in humans’ uneven progress in the realms of behavior as compared to the realms of achievement. In that, humans many thousands of years ago lied, cheated, stole, committed adultery, killed, formed militaries and fought wars, as they do today. Each of these behavior patterns result form the unchanging function of a different instinct. However, at one time, man traveled on foot, and now we can land on the moon. Our progress in communication, medicine, astronomy, art and literature and all the rest are achieved through humans’ progressing intellect, which has been moving forward in leaps and bounds. The profound effects of this growing divide can never be exaggerated.

Another important thing to note about this study is that Mark has also found that the primitive instinct is a drag on humans’ growing intellect.  In that, a good portion of all humans’ intelligence is wasted by his or her stagnant instincts.  Our blind and blinding instincts blur our reasoning faculty and distort our decision-making.  And thus, often, even the brightest among us make many avoidable mistakes and even blunder beyond description.  Understanding this concept enables one to consciously manage this unconscious mental trend, defuse instincts and intellect, and free the intellect and make it possible to function fully, boost his or her intelligence and live a much happier life.

Using this understanding of how the mind works, Mark also has written four screenplays that he will actively seek producers for, as soon as he gets some of his current projects out of the way.  They are: 1) The Man Who Attended His Own Funeral, 2) The Birth of a Giant, 3) The New World Order I, and 4) The New World Order II.  These stories, on one hand, are very entertaining for average people, but, at the same time, they also show how the co-function of instincts and intellect, which has been afflicting humans individually and collectively.

Mark has published six books on this subject and has published some articles. For the past two years he has been trying to convert this philosophy of the mind into a behavior theory, “The Triple “I” Theory,” an online testing service that will be assessing the strength of clients’ instincts and the implications on their conduct, while offering ideas on how they can manage these mental forces in order to maximize their benefits and minimize their harm and improve the quality of their lives. This will be launched soon. Mark’s passion for this subject has driven him to devote himself to these studies for the past 25 years, excluding his formal education.

Mark invented an item in 1987, the patent number, 4,647,102. Then, he founded a small manufacturing company, MECO Manufacturing Comp., which produced and distributed his product. He has also been in the corporate environment for much of his adult life.