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Also known as Dr. Ray, Bahman Rezaipour, PhD is an Iranian-American psychologist with profound interests in psychological growth on both individual and societal levels. While working in the public sector as a clinical psychologist providing traditional assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, he has been a serious advocate for an utterly deprived population with serious mental health issues under his care.

Dr. Rezaipour was born in Iran and migrated to the US in 1990. Prior to obtaining a PhD in psychology from the California Graduate Institute in 1998 (currently the Chicago School of Professional Psychology), he acquired a Master’s of Art Degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution Management at the California State University- Dominguez Hills. He achieved a Magna Cum Laude, an honor very few students achieve. A Bachelor’s of Science degree in Counseling Services was awarded to him with a similar designation.

Recognizing that no true change can be sustained without deep knowledge, Dr. Rezaipour currently works on his theory of psychological, re-birth, a concept that focuses on personal growth by understanding and overcoming individual, collective, and universal obstacles that alienate humans from their true nature.

As the main instrument of assessment for his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Rezaipour has extensively studied and reviewed the Big Five Theory on personality and behavior assessment. Since then, he has been studying all the new studies on this subject. He found this new study, The Interactions Between Instincts and intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior, uniquely different on which Happiness in Wisdom is structured. Thus, Happiness in Wisdom, LLC becoming aware of Dr. Rezaipour’s unique qualification invited him to join our Scientific Advisory Committee, and we are honored to have him in as a distinguished member of our organization.

Dr. Rezaipour has provided live seminars as well as appearances on many TV shows.