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Dr. Nehzat Farnoody Ph.D.

Dr. Nehzat Farnoody Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in Cross-Cultural Psychology. Dr. Farnoody was accepted in to the Masters program in Clinical Psychology at Kansas University in 1969 in United States as one of the top students. In 1975 she acquired her Ph.D. in 1975 from USIU (an APA accredited program) in San Diego.

She was recruited by Tehran University and functioned as Associate Professor, Chair of Psychology Department, Director of Clinical Counseling Center and was as an active member of the University Assembly where she taught at JSU from 1975 to 1980.

Dr. Farnoody has provided over 20 years of community service here in Los Angeles, in an effort to raise awareness on Mental Health, and has hosted several Media Literacy programs in helping families cope with cross-cultural conflicts. From 1989 to 1992 Dr. Farnoody hosted radio and television programs on psychological topics interactively with her wide audiences. Her practical solutions for peoples’ problems increasingly widened her popularity and to comply with this growing demand, she increased her programs from 1995 to 2001 and complemented that with publishing numerous articles in varying newspapers and magazines in California.

In 1999 the Mayor of Los Angeles appointed her as the “Incredible Woman Making History” for serving her community in Los Angeles. Dr. Farnoody has a passion for raising awareness on women’s rights issues.

Dr. Farnoody has given over 200 seminars, conferences, and has given many lectures on psychological and socio-cultural topics such as: Successful Relationships, Parenting, Healthy Families, Healthy Societies, The Psychology of Democracy, Psychology of Love, Emotional Intelligence and several other topic. Since 1986 Dr. Farnoody has been guest lecturer to prestigious Universities such as Brown University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, John Hopkins University, and several others. Because of her profound passion for the subject of human psychology she always studies the new findings and theories on the subject.

Dr. Farnoody has published well over 100 articles in popular magazines in two different languages and has produced several CDs to comply with the demand of her vast audiences on topics such as ABCs of parenting, Emotional Vitamins, Self-Esteem, From Narcissism to Love and Intimacy and more… Dr. Farnoody is the author of the popular book ‘ABCs of Parenting’, and has translated several books to English such as ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, ‘Todd’, and ‘Crisis’.

Dr. Farnoody’s unrelenting curiosity on the psychology of spirituality has urged her to explore the psychology of religion, what compels religion, how it fragments humans into hostile spiritual tribes and how it can be fixed.

Besides Dr. Farnoody’s commendable achievements her quest to explain the psychology of faith distinguished her from most of the rest of the applicants who applied for this position. Hence, Happiness in Wisdom invited her to join this committee and we are pleased that she accepted to join us.