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This is All You’ll Need to Traverse the Road to Success

The human mind alone consists of instincts and intellect and is bipolar, but solely instinct governs animals, and that makes their mind a single polar entity. The unchanging nature of instincts, coupled with the fact that this is the only force that governs the world of animals, it is a primitive force. We have disassembled the human mind into its parts, so to speak, to study the properties, mission, and function of each separately. We have learned that the same 17 instincts and the two segments of intellect, a total of 19 mental forces, govern all aspects of every human’s life. However, the intensity of each of them varies from one person to another. The strongest among them in each person creates their deepest pleasures. The irresistible temptations they induce lead people to their gravest mistakes. These 19 mental forces interact at the subconscious level and collectively induce our feelings, thoughts, and decisions, and we act accordingly. The vast majority of these forces are primitive instincts that most frequently force peoples’ intelligence to relent its function. Hence, even the brightest of humans make unjustifiable grave mistakes.


Taking our test introduces these mental forces and measures their strengths for you. Learning these lays your subconscious naked before you, and you conscious and unconscious become the same as long as you have a clear picture of the makeup of your mind. Up until that moment, your subconscious mind managed you, but from this point on, you would manage your account. Your feeling, thoughts, and deeds become more deliberate, imbued with sound reasoning, wisdom, and common sense. Thus, you avoid such silly but costly mistakes, achieve more success, and lead a more productive material and mental life. All you need to do is to take the test at least every other month to gauge your progress and to keep increasingly more about your mind and life.

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