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Meet Your Spiritual Mind


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The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect

and its Impact on Human Behavior

Length: 374 Pages


Spirituality fragments humans into theists and atheists, while believers take every mystical claim of their faiths as facts, atheists dismiss them as superstitions. The improper understanding of faith by both sides renders their mutual points of contention irrelevant to the real subject of faith and the debates become superficial and inconclusive. Both sides find the roots of faith in heavens thus religion becomes all mystical. However, its real roots are firmly planted in the human psyche and can be best understood in the context of how the stagnant instincts associate with progressing intellect. This shows what practical human needs demanded the invention of faith, what has sustained them and why they grow stronger in time, and the faith of religion.

Important new questions and answers emerge from this view that issue serious challenges to believers and nonbelievers alike. For instance, if somehow Jesus, Mohammad and Moses were never born, would their three billion followers go without faith forever?  They did not appear in India and China and those people invented godless religions of their own. Then, what was the relevance of these great leaders and even God to larger picture of religion? On the opposite side many refute religion for not being scientific and desire their demise, yet they worship art that is just as unscientific? The same people also claim that faith, being archaic, are useless for modern time and desire their eradication, but they never demand the same for state which is just as old. This study also explores if faith and evolution are irreconcilable contradictions, proves that faith is the essence of evolution, and we see this old phenomenon of faith in a new way and solve its mystery.


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