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Meet Your Sexual Mind


The paradoxes of human sexuality are self-evident, yet it is difficult to explain them through the conventional understanding of the mind. Compared to animals that are governed by instincts alone, the human mind is bipolar and consists of instincts and intellect. These two mental forces issue opposite sets of orders; this instinct demands polygamous relationships, while human intellect commands monogamy. Thus, humans are pulled in between the two opposite forces from which all the rest of beings are exempt. This renders humans alone sexually confused. From this ensues an ever-present self-imposed suppression of one of the strongest of all human desires, instinctive polygamous drive.

One force compels people not to be content with a single sexual partner, while the other commands them to stick with their sole mate for life. This constant inner struggle in the mind of most adults has profound psychological and behavioral implications that find expression in many different levels in human conduct. It ranges from the most beautiful, tender and loving to violence and even murder in extreme cases. This occupies a huge place of its own in the overall human psyche that includes humans’ sexual fantasy, as the studies show that over 90% of both genders resort to sexual fantasies. Hence, people have evolved to find a way to achieve some of the demands of both of these mental forces. Many in the privacy of their minds live a polygamous life and commit adultery, devoid of physical infidelity. Understanding the interactions between the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts reveal these and much more about human sexuality that otherwise escapes attention.

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The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior
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