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Meet Your Political Mind


The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior

Length: 262 pages

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Mark Abraham came to America as a student in 1973, bent on finding the hidden causes of perpetual human conflicts. By1982 he acquired two degrees in international politics, in 1987 invented an item, founded a company, produced and distributed his product. In America he learned much about the world affair but did not find his answers. For postgraduate he studied philosophy seeking ideas from the thinkers of the past, but to no avail. However, he learned that these thinkers, being so fascinated by human intellect, had observed humans from the stance of intellect alone while ignoring the mighty forces of instincts. Three human instincts are universally accepted, but Mark has identified 14 more, each of which drives us more forcefully than our intellect. Ignoring this mental force had created a missing link in studying man that is responsible for all human riddles.

‘Politics’ is one of the most used but the least understood words, many thinking that it is a profession for the select few in each society, whereas it is a brand of behavior unique to humans that starts in childhood. Once, Aristotle said that, “man is a political animal”. In the context of how instincts and intellect interact reveals that this human attribute is one of human’s least desirable traits. Through this we get to see that to be instinctive is to be selfish and to be selfish and intelligent is to be political. Because instincts and intellect are permanent human fixtures, politicking that results from their co-function also becomes a human trait and renders man a political animal.
This term needs to be redefined to exact its meaning and allow it to cover all its’ domain, as is done here. Through this text we also get to see why politicking, and true civility, is incompatible and how the progress of one demands the demise of the other. Through politics people try to impose conditions on one another to advance their causes at the expense of others. Politicking results from selfishness that is the essence of all instincts. Yet instinct is the sole force that governs the world of animals, thus instinct becomes the refined reflection of instinctive selfishness in man. Where animals use fangs, claws, venom, speed and brute force to subdue and devour their pray, humans apply politics that includes the use of brute force. Misconceiving this term greatly contributes to human conflict at all levels, which is why most people unconsciously dislike politicking.


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