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Meet Your Mind: Volume I


The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior
Length: 471 Pages

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Mark Abraham came to America as a student in 1973 bent on finding the hidden causes of perpetual human conflicts. By1982 he acquired two degrees in international politics and in 1987 invented an item, founded a company, produced and distributed his product. In America he learned much about the world affair, but did not find his answers. For postgraduate he studied philosophy, seeking ideas from the thinkers of the past, but to no avail. However, he learned that these thinkers being so fascinated by human intellect had observed humans from the stance of intellect alone, while ignoring the mighty forces of instincts.

Three human instincts are universally accepted, and Mark has identified 14 more each of which drives us more forcefully than does our intellect. Ignoring this mental force had created a missing link in studying man that is responsible for all human riddles. Placing this missing link in its rightful place reveals that the contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts have resulted in a growing imbalance in the mind. Your stagnant instincts impair your intelligence, hinder your happiness and are responsible for all manmade disasters. However, because of its subtle nature it continues to escape attention. This work shows how to disengage your instincts and intellect, boost your intelligence and happiness, while it also resolves some major human enigmas. For the first time we see why humans are so spiritual; what makes man so incurably political; what makes us worship arts and also sports. Why, of all beings, humans alone are at the same time polygamous and monogamous that renders humans alone sexually confused.


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