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Meet Your Playful Mind: Volume II


The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior
Length: 286 Pages

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I argue that the humans’ world divides into the two categories of serious affairs and pleasing affairs. The pleasing aspect of humanity is structured on the four pillars of kindness, fun, amazement and sensuality that constitute humans, Playful Mind. Indeed, man does not live by bread alone, and as Shakespeare says, “to be human is to play.” Different instincts constantly precipitate varying human interests and energize all human emotions and they interact. For example, the limitless unconditional services mothers afford their children is the optimal reflection of kindness. Then, comes sensuality in which again, mothers are great players in sensuality as well. This justifies why Persians say, behesht zir payeh madaran ast that means, heaven belongs to mothers. Then for fun and pleasure the artists through their endless arts and athletes through amazing athletic abilities purge life of boredom and render life endlessly beautiful and delicious. Thus, besides mothers, heaven also belongs to great artists and superb athletes.

Having said that, humans have enjoyed arts and sports for millennia without being able to articulate exactly what in these frivolous activities so engrosses these superbly intelligent and purposeful beings. Hence, we have been relishing that which we do not understand at all. It has also never been explained why humans alone, of all beings, are simultaneously polygamous and monogamous. This renders our species alone sexually confused. To use another example, over 90% of both genders have sexual fantasies that constitute a good portion of human psyche. Yet the origin of this fascinating and hugely prevalent human psychology is yet to be identified. This study, The Interactions Between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior, for the first time unveils all these and more of human mysteries and renders man naked, so to speak.  


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