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1-The Mechanism of the Mind: To understand humans we must identify the mental forces that drive them and understand how they interact. Our species is known for its intellect, but the human mind consists of not a single pole of intellect, but it is bipolar and consists of the two forces of instincts and intellect. Yet, the role of instincts in human conduct is largely ignored. Each of these mental forces has distinct mission of its own and recognizing this is elemental for understanding humanity at large. The maternal instinct and the instincts of sexuality and aggression are universally known and accepted, while this study introduces 13 more, each of which induces its own brand of conduct. Instincts by nature are unchanging, stagnant and primitive. In a sharp contrast, however, intellect relentlessly grows and enhances itself. Also, instinct as the sole force that governs the world of lower beings is the essence of being animal, while intellect being unique to humans is the essence of being human. The contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts result in a growing divide that widens with the progression of time. The implications of this growing divide in human mind are truly profound.

As these two mental forces of instinct and intellect coexist in human mind, inevitably they also co-function. Hence, all human deeds including all human dualities result from the joint function of instincts and intellect that one represents the beast and the other represents human in us. Understanding the nature and the properties of each of these mental elements and how they interact with one another is essential to understanding man. As the members of every species of animals act exclusively by their identical set of instincts, their behavior becomes universally uniform, but the joint forces of instincts and intellect dictate what we do. Because they widely vary from one person to another both qualitatively and quantitatively, the human conduct is dissimilar and it fluctuates between the two extremes of good and evil. You ignore either instincts or:
Stagnant Instincts
The Progressing Intellect
The Gap Between Instincts and intellect in studying humans and humanity, and you can never fully grasp humans. Again, in studying humanity the element of instincts have been dismissed. Thus, as this text will reveal, we have grossly misconceived the different major aspects of human deeds and interests.
The above graph shows that the contrasting natures of stagnant instincts and growing intellect have resulted in a growing divide between them. The wider this gap grows, the more creative and able intelligence has become both constructively and destructively. In this unique relationship the brute and primitive instincts continuously overpower intellect and reduce it to a mere tool at its disposal. Hence, our growing intellect empowers our primitive and blind instincts. In doing so, it hinders human’s reasoning ability, distorts their judgment and thus, it naturalizes a huge portion of every humans’ intelligence at all levels. This combination increasingly augments human intelligence devoid of wisdom and it jeopardizes the future of human civilization that demands attention.
While because of the complex nature of this phenomenon it cannot be fully covered here, suffice it to say that, instincts and intellect often fall into conflict. Instincts are basic with all beings capable of locomotion as compared to intelligence that is acquired through evolution and is secondary. Thus, instincts are intrinsically stronger and more assertive than intellect. When in conflict, instincts often defeat and silence the intellect and reduce it to a mere tool and commands it to employ all its faculties to achieve the objectives of the instinct active at the time, and intellect often complies obediently. This is where the danger looms as intellect unconditionally and indiscriminately executes brilliantly the evil demands of the primitive instincts and the noble pursuits of the refined intellect just the same. To use one of endless examples, the Wright Brothers ingeniously used their intellect to invent the airplane; and Ben Laden brilliantly used the same element and converted this invention to weapons and savaged 3000 innocent lives. Intellect served both the good and evil indiscriminately, which occurs at different levels and everywhere.
Hence, ironically, the growth in intelligence as the mark of human progress reflected in the advancing science and technology, by empowering the primitive instincts, it, in fact, magnifies the animal in man. All our deeds stem from the mind and each of the 16 selfish instincts drives one aspect of our conduct, while our intelligence achieves our instinctive objectives. This is not to say that this is the sole function of multifarious human intelligence. However, failing to properly understand instincts and how they work jointly with human intelligence we fail to properly understand the role of both in human deeds individually and collectively. Hence, compared to all categories of science all the disciplines that pertain to human mind such as theology, criminology, sociology,
psychology, politics, human inclinations towards fine arts and sports, how the body and mind work, humans’ unique sexuality still remain as insurmountable enigmas.
For example, the selfish nature of all instincts render each being and humans exceedingly selfish that urge us to use and abuse others to advance our causes from which stems all conflicts large and small. Among other things, this has resulted in only 41 days of peace in the world in the past 5000 years. And intelligence by becoming increasingly more potent, it has been intensifying the impact of all human pursuits that includes wars. Many historic events manifest to this conceptualized inner working of the mind. For example, the number of casualties increased from 12,000,000 in W. W. I to 62,000,000 in W. W. II, in two short decades. Most of this was an attribute to the progresses made in science and technology that advanced weaponry. Thus, every battlefield fuses the best of man, his iniquity in making magical weapons, with his worst, his savagery in ripping fellow humans apart. The progress comes from the advancing intellect, the savagery results from the primitive instincts, and their co-function finds reflection in battlefields.
It would not be difficult to imagine that using modern weapons today in a conflict such as the W. W. II would end the civilization. Such is the sad nature of the growing imbalance in human mind. Knowing this, it is incumbent upon modern humans to invent ways to sever the relationship between the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts to deprive the instincts from the fruits of this human advancing intellect to secure the human destiny. Such ways and means readily exist, which is the subject for another project. While revealing this subtle mental trend and its hidden danger is the most important part of this study, learning the intricacies of the mechanism of the mind enables us to observe other fascinating human phenomena that otherwise would be difficult, if not impossible. This and each of the following subjects will be covered as a documentary in one DVD.
Philosophers are in the habit of ignoring the role of instincts in studying human and this is responsible for the lasting human enigmas. Yet, all human fear and courage love and hate, inclinations and disinclinations, glory and despair, avarice and so on stem from different instincts. They also drive our spirituality, artistic and athletic interests and also render man incurably political. The co-function of these two forces makes our species alone simultaneously polygamous and monogamous and thus, sexually confused. It also shows us how do body and mind interface that drive everything we do individually and collectively. A deeper understanding of such subjects require us to take an accurate inventory of the mind to see the forces that mold our deeds into shape, as this study shows one of which is embracing religion.

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