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Mission Statement

“We quest educating people worldwide on the inner forces that mold their personality, behavior and decisions, and show them that a particular mental force innately erodes the intelligence of all humans. Thus, all humans use only a fraction of their intelligence that impairs their success and hinders their happiness. The tests we offer will measure the strength of each of these pertinent mental forces, and we will show them how to stop this erosion to boost their intelligence, achieve more success in their personal and corporate environments and lead a happier life. We strive for increasing the ambient human intelligence and happiness worldwide.”


This new online test is structured on a new research and theories from a unique perspective, 25 years in the making. It presents a new way of observing the mind that clearly manifests itself in human personality and behavior. This perspective provides us with a unifying theory of the mind by introducing the diverse forces that jointly command everything each human does. This depicts a clear picture of the most profound human interests in vastly different realms of arts, sports, spirituality, politics, and philosophy of the mind, humans’ unique and complex sexuality and how the body and mind interface. Up until now the effects of instincts on human personality and behavior have been largely ignored. This justifies our claim that this perspective is uniquely different from all the studies conducted on this subject so far. Yet every commands of every human deed is issued by the joint function of instincts and intellect. The affects of instincts on human personality and behavior is largely neglected, if not totally ignored. This renders this stud alone as a unifying theory of the mind through which every aspect of human endeavors is explained, individually and collectively. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that this is the only study that presents a holistic picture of what it is to be human.

The qualification of the members that will bring this study to the public is equally as important as the study itself. Thus, the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee besides satisfying the academic requirements, each has a strong unique attribute that lends itself perfectly well for this task as their biographies show. Each of these scientists and a few more yet to join us come from a different background. Collectively they will represent the two genders, different races, languages, religions and cultures. Despite these vastly diverse backgrounds they agree that while humans’ ethnic identities divide people, human instincts and intellect are totally impervious to all such differences and they are one and the same from the standpoint of human instincts and intellect that are the building blocks of every human’s personality and behavior.

The third element is the unique interests and achievements of each of these distinguished scientists. Because this study covers the most important of human endeavors such as religions, art, sport, politics, human sexuality and so on, we needed different scientists who has a passion for each of these subjects within their discipline. So, each member of our scientific committee is chosen for his or her deep interest and knowledge that most of the rest of the applicants lacked.

Quotes by Mark Abraham

“The contrasting natures of progressing intellect and stagnant instincts have resulted in a growing imbalance in the human mind that has evolved into a dangerous threshold, and demands earnest attention.”

“This runaway human intelligence, devoid of wisdom to sublimate it, empowers human instincts and magnifies the animal in man.”

“Biologically we share much with animals, and instincts are the common mental denominator between humans and animals.”

“Instinct as the only force that drives animals is the essence of being animal, just as intellect, being unique to humans, is the essence of being human.”

“Because both instincts and intellect reside in the human mind, together, they reflect both animal and human in man. Thus, human conduct fluctuates in between the two extremes of good and evil.”

“Because our progressing intellect empowers our instincts, what we celebrate as human progress, in fact, magnifies the animal in humans.”

“Intellect is the essence of being human, reasoning the essence of intellect, wisdom the essence of reasoning, and kindness the essence of wisdom. To be truly human is to be kind to all humans, animals, and nature.”

“To be instinctive is to be selfish, to be selfish and intelligent is to be political, as many people use their intellect to use and abuse others.”

“One can define politics at all levels in one word, imposition.”

“Politicking and true civility are irreconcilable contradictions, and the progress of one
demands the demise of the other. Hence, most people dislike politics.”