KNOW THY PERSONALITY AND MASTER YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS Carl G. Jung, one of the two people who started the modern psychology, said that personality and subconscious could not be defined, Sigmund Freud was the other.  This new precept on the human mind can now explain both. Thinkers and psychologists being fascinated by

POST CIVILIZATION HUMAN COMMUNITIES AFTER HUMANS SELF DESTRUCTION In an article titled Humans, The Utterly Misconceived Species, I tried to present the growing imbalance in the human mind.  Humans progressively conquer new frontiers and achieve astonishing scientific and technological results.  Thus, the capabilities that humans have today did not exist 20

Comparing Behavior and Assessment Tests      To know what it is to be human, we must find our place in the mix of other beings.  From this stance, instinct alone governs all animals; thus, their mind is a single polar entity.  Only the human mind consists of instincts and intellect that renders